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1.  Managing Cardiovascular Disease Pandemic in China: Challenges and Strategies
2.  Insights into the Role of Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR) in Clinical Practice
3.  A New Contestant Enters the Race for Non-invasive Fractional Flow Reserve Evaluation, iFRCT
1.  Alginate Oligosaccharide Inhibits Platelet Activation with Minimal Impact on Bleeding Time
2.  Diagnostic Performance of Coronary CT Angiography Derived Instantaneous Wave-free Ratio in Myocardial Bridge
1.  Percutaneous closure of patent ductus arteriosus via internal jugular vein in patient with interrupted inferior vena cava
2.  Effect of integrative yoga and naturopathy treatments on risk reduction in a patient with coronary artery disease: A case report
3.  Very low platelet concentration and myocardial infarction
4.  Adjusting Antithrombotic Therapy after Stent Implantation for Acute Myocardial Infarction in a Patient with Very Low Platelet: a Case Report
1.  Non-invasive Cardiac Imaging Technologies in Detecting Coronary Artery Disease: from Research to Clinical Practice-A Review
2.  Expert Consensus on operating procedures at Chest Pain Centers in China during the COVID-19 epidemic